A Personal Approach To Criminal Defense

The nature of my job is helping people deal with the fallout of mistakes or poor decisions. I understand the stress my clients face in dealing with criminal charges. It is my belief that the best way to help is by building strong relationships and giving personalized, one-on-one attention to every client.

Sarah Krolikowski

A comprehensive legal approach to guiding Pennsylvanians through difficult times

Putting My Experience To Work For You

As a former assistant district attorney working in criminal prosecution, I understand both sides of the legal process. My experience allows me to anticipate the actions that judges and prosecutors are likely to take, which in turn allows me to find out-of-the-box solutions and create innovative legal strategies. The result for my clients is reduced negative outcomes and a brighter future.

A Comprehensive Approach To Law

Almost every client I represent is dealing with outside issues related to the reason that brought them to my door. I have seen how criminal charges affect custody, divorce affects finances and countless other unforeseen consequences related to being involved in the legal process. By exhausting every avenue, I make sure my clients understand what lies ahead so that we can avoid negative fallout in the future. In a best-case scenario, this approach means that after resolving their legal issues my clients never need to see me (or any attorney) again.

Sarah Krolikowski

Accessible, Honest And Straightforward

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